MEDICA 2020: CAMPTON Diagnostics presents fully automated point-of-care platform for fast test results

CAMPTON Reader 100 enables the detection of biomarkers e.g. for infections, cancer, autoimmune or other diseases from a whole blood sample within a few minutes

Serological and molecular biological tests for corona in preparation

Itzehoe, 16.11.2020 – At this year’s MEDICA, CAMPTON Diagnostics will present the first generation of its CAMPTON Reader 100, a point-of-care system that will in future enable reliable statements to be made on the diagnosis of infections, cancer or other diseases within minutes from small quantities of whole blood. In addition, CAMPTON Diagnostics is developing an RT-LAMP-based as well as a serological test for CORONA for almost simultaneous measurement by the device.

The CAMPTON Reader carries out the test sequence and detection within the self-contained “disposable laboratory” in a cartridge. The technology is based on the so-called “electrical biochip technology”. This system enables the detection of several biomarkers, e.g. for infections, cancer, autoimmune or other diseases, from a whole blood sample within a few minutes using an ELISA directly on a gold electrode array.

Faster diagnosis and therapy through diagnostics at the point of care

“Our system is portable, easy to operate and could therefore be very well suited for use regardless of location – later in a further generation of devices, e.g. also directly at the patient’s home. Already during the waiting time at the doctor’s, results can be determined for faster treatment of possible diseases. In this way we are contributing to faster diagnostics and therapy as well as to an improvement in medical care”, explains Jürgen Brink, CEO of CAMPTON Diagnostics.

In contrast to many competitor products, the newly developed CAMPTON technology uses electrical signals for analysis. For this reason, we believe that the CAMPTON technology is more robust and suitable for use in practically any climate (especially in emerging markets).

Automated test execution and semi-parallel protein and DNA analysis

The diagnostic device carries out the tests fully automatically in disposable microfluidic cartridges according to internal test protocols. The CAMPTON Reader 100 is designed to identify diseases with various biological substances. After a few minutes, the analysis results are shown on the display, e.g. as real values. The protocols are test-specific like the reagents and capture molecules on the corresponding biochip, while the device is always identical. Therefore the use of the CAMPTON biochip system is not limited to certain diseases.

It is possible to integrate almost any ELISA-based test into the biochip platform as long as disease-specific proteins are present in body fluids such as blood. It is also possible to perform DNA tests and protein ELISAs on a single hardware basis.

High miniaturisation potential for mobile use of the platform

The system based on electrical biochips is extremely miniaturisable. In the next generation of readers, it will consist only of very compact electronics and disposable cartridges with integrated pumps and ready-to-use reagents. “Our goal in developing the system was to create a universal technology platform for diagnostics, which above all should be highly miniaturisable and thus have all the prerequisites for mobility. Our platform also offers the possibility of simultaneous protein and DNA analysis,” explains Lars Blohm, CTO of CAMPTON.

Serological and molecular biological bioassays for CORONA in development

CAMPTON Diagnostics is currently developing a serological and a molecular biological test for CORONA (SARS-CoV-2) for the biochip reader for almost simultaneous measurement. The aim is to use both methods to measure successively with different cartridges from a blood sample and a smear. The CORONA bioassays are expected to be available in 2021, when the pandemic hopefully loses strength and random point-of-care testing will become necessary.