Campton Diagnostics – founded 2016

CAMPTON Diagnostics was founded in 2016 at Fraunhofer ISIT in Itzehoe. CAMPTON develops highly sensitive in-vitro diagnostics, for which ISIT manufactures the biochips in the institute’s own cleanroom. Within a few minutes, CAMPTON’s point-of-care system can use a drop of whole blood to make reliable predictions about infections, cancer or other diseases. The robust system is portable, easy to operate and therefore very suitable for use anywhere – even directly at the patient. For the respective measurements disposable cartridges with integrated biochip are used. The biochip works like a conventional ELISA test, but is electrically readable and therefore with enormous potential for miniaturization. The device, the so-called reader, carries out the measurement fully automatically. There is no need to do anything except taking the sample with a lancet and insert the cartridge into the device. The CAMPTON platform technology with biochips enables the universal use of the device. Only by assembling the biochip it is determined which test it is, the device and large parts of the required reagents remain identical.