DiagnostikNet-BB is a network of diagnostics providers, device manufacturers, research institutes, clinics and medical laboratories as well as expert partners across Germany, with its core in the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg. Together we develop and manufacture innovative in-vitro diagnostics.The network covers the entire value-added chain and offers a broad range of high-quality services and products regarding medical care
focusing on laboratory diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, companion diagnostics & personalized medicine. Moreover, we offer products
and services for agriculture, environmental, food and veterinary diagnostics. In order to transact business – including comprehensive project management – the Diagnostik-BB GmbH is your competent and reliable partner.

The Fraunhofer ISIT in Itzehoe is one of the most modern research institutes for microelectronics and microsystems technology in Europe. The heart of the institute are the clean room facilities, large enough not only to conduct research but also to manufacture the developed microchips on an industrial scale. At ISIT, 160 scientists work closely with partners from industry to develop power electronics components and microsystems with fine movable structures for sensors (pressure, motion, biochemical analysis, etc.) and actuators (valves, scanners, mirror arrays, etc.) including the necessary housing technology. These miniaturized components are used in medicine, in environmental and traffic engineering, in communication technology, in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering.

At IVAM people meet who are enthusiastic about key technologies and the way these technologies shape our life and our future. As an international microtechnology trade association and expert for technology marketing, IVAM brings together representatives of the high-tech industries and supports them to enter the market with innovative technologies and products and to secure advantages in international competition.

We are a member of Life Science Nord e.V. :

Life Science Nord is the innovative network for medical technology, biotechnology and pharma in Hamburg & Schleswig-Holstein. Over 260 industry players from industry, research and politics are active members of the Life Science Nord e.V. and use the strong network to initiate cooperation, develop new ideas and exchange know-how.