"that one life
matters to us"
"because we took
the responsibility"
and that's our story

Our Story

“Believing in progress does not mean believing that progress has already been made. It would not be a belief.” Franz Kafka

We believe that Technology transforms all aspects of our lives and so healthcare systems all over the world are longing for transformation and new technologies. It is time for a change. Because out of all forms of inequalities, injustice in healthcare is the most inhumane. The world needs an innovative and quick approach to managing disease diagnostics. That is why we are driven by a three-fold mission: to make the world a little better, more liveable and safer place to live in.

Our Vision

“To enrich lives with meaningful innovations”

Campton aspires to bring life-changing technologies to people in need. We are driven towards creating a value-based healthcare system in the lives of the people we touch every day. We say we are not satisfied that our place or climate determines our right to life and healthcare. We are driven by a three-fold mission: to make the world a little better, more liveable and safer place to live in.

Why Campton

‘That one lost life’ matters to us. Whether be it losing a life at a refugee camp due to delay in disease diagnosis or losing a life at border control due to an increase in infectivity period. All this because of the time it takes to ship the samples and the laboratory diagnostic procedures.

Campton aims to create an opportunity to increase sensitivity towards any global crisis that requires an advance and accurate solution which can quickly respond to health emergencies when and where needed. While possessions and homes can be replaced, life and health are irreplaceable.

Thousands of people die each year due to delays in disease diagnosis. Campton believes, the base for improving patient treatment and care is not only improving access to the best health care but more Point-of-Care tests that are high in quality and promote universal coverage in a cost-effective way so that, ‘that one lost life’ could be saved.

That’s why making sure that immediate and affordable healthcare is available to all is our priority. With the Point-of-Care system, Campton aims to turn immediate healthcare for all into a basic right and not a privilege.


We believe the decentralization of testing with Campton’s Point-of-Care system will create a revolutionary change in the healthcare sector especially since we are incorporating PCR-based and serological testing within our technology platform. With such mobile and robust technology which is not only quick and efficient but is capable of diagnosing large quantities of the samples, we pledge to stay committed towards our urge to save that one life and overshadow any global health crisis in a more effective and efficient way.

We are committed to helping countries prepare for, respond to, and recover from global public health issues anywhere and anytime. With the point-of the-care system, the access will be easier, results will be quick and treatment will be timely irrespective of any crisis or climatic difficulties. We have deliberately developed a technology platform with hardware that can diagnose a wide range of illnesses in patients with a quick test, that too in a one-time cost hence minimizing the cost per test.